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More data and wider issuing authority for your organization and partners

Credly Premier is perfect for those who want to expand their digital credential programs throughout their organization, market or community. Premier subscribers benefit from greater admin capabilities; enhanced access to data and reports; and the flexibility to authorize badge issuance by others at their organization as well as approved partners.

Premier has all of the benefits of Pro, plus the ability to:
    • Delegate issuing responsibility to others in your organization
    • Authorize internal staff or outside organizations to issue credentials for which you set the standard
    • Ensure fidelity to your standards and criteria while you scale your impact
    • Better understand your impact and influencers with enhanced user data and reports
    • Enjoy higher levels of access to the Open Credit API to integrate digital badges

Highlights of Credly Premier:

  • Organization Account Management & Roles
    Designate additional account managers to issue badgesPremier Organizations can designate multiple Account Managers to create, issue, approve and manage the organization’s badges. Select users can also be appointed to a Reports-only role, with access to the account’s data and analytics, but without the authority to issue badges. Organizations can add, revoke or or change users’ account management capabilities at any time.
  • Authorized Badge Issuers
    Designate additional account managers to issue badgesAuthorize any other organizations or individuals to issue specific badges your organization has created, allowing you to define credential standards centrally while others are empowered to distribute the acknowledgment. An authorized issuer will see designated badges available for issuing from inside their own account. Premier Organizations can also track and monitor the activity and earning history of those who earn badges through Authorized issuers with Premier-level Reports.
  • Credly Teams Up with LinkedIn to Make it Easy to Add Verified Achievements to LinkedIn ProfilesUnique LinkedIn Integration
    Credly has teamed up with LinkedIn to help credential earners easily add verified achievements to their LinkedIn profile. Through the unique partnership between LinkedIn and Credly, recipients of badges may receive an email allowing them to add earned digital badges earned from Premier organizations directly to their LinkedIn profiles. In addition, earners can add achievements to their LinkedIn profile at any time right from their Credly profiles with a single click.
  • Advanced Reports & Analytics
    Advanced digital credential reports provide greater insights on recipients and visibility of digital badgesPremier organizations have access to enhanced Reports, which include a complete User-level report for each recipient containing their badge earning, sharing and display activity. Drill down and learn more about your earners and their achievements, discover your leading influencers, and filter, sort and export all of the data. Use the information to inform new programs and to target marketing more effectively.
  • Reach Even More Recipients with a Single Click
    Issue 20x as many credentials at the same time with Premier level bulk issuing. Distribute badges to up to 1000 recipients with one click. (Check out Enterprise for unlimited bulk issuing capacity.)
  • Advanced Open Credit API access for Credly Premier membersAdvanced API Access
    Open Credit is already the most comprehensive API for issuing, earning and managing digital credentials. And with Premier, your organization has access to even more powerful features that enable seamless integration of Credly functions into your own sites and systems. For example, Premier account holders can create and manage digital badge profiles without users receiving any communication or verification emails from Credly.
  • Professional Service Packages
    Whether you are taking an existing credential or recognition program to the digital realm or creating a brand new program for acknowledging or certifying achievement, the Credly team offers professional services to get you there and ensure your success.
  • Help Set the Course and Get Priority Access
    Premier organizations help set the course for Credly, helping to define and prioritize new features, and getting early access to new releases, apps and tools.
  • Credly and Open Credit Developer Support
    Premier organizations have direct access to a dedicated support manager for assistance with implementing any aspect of the Credly platform or integration of Open Credit with existing applications or systems.

Additional Feature Highlights:

Premier accounts also enjoy Pro benefits, such as:

    • Branded email notifications
    • Redirect and display issued badges on your own site
    • Issue badges using popular web services
    • Custom Claim Codes
    • Verified Issuer status

     Learn about Credly Enterprise Edition.