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Scale up your issuing and put your brand out in front.

Credly issuers who step up to “Pro” increase brand recognition around their digital credential initiatives; take advantage of powerful integrations with third party applications; and begin to bring their issuing efforts to scale with tools like bulk issuing and custom claim codes.

Highlights of Credly Pro:

  • Branded E-mails to Credential Recipients
    Your brand front and center when issuing Digital BadgesIntroduce recipients to digital credentials with your brand front and center. The Custom Email Header feature is available to Pro issuers under Account Settings.
  • Redirect Traffic to Your Site
    Earned badges automatically redirect to and display on your website – instead of on Credly – helping to promote your programs when achievements appear on profiles and social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other integrated sites. This powerful feature reinforces your brand, drives measurable traffic to your offerings, and enhances the authenticity and value of the credential by showcasing it in context on your site. Learn more about this popular feature.
  • Issue Credentials Using Popular Web Services
    Salesforce App for Issuing Digital BadgesAccess to integrations with popular web services like Eventbrite, MailChimp, and Salesforce for issuing badges as part of existing workflows.
  • Reach More Recipients with a Single Click
    Issue 5x as many credentials at the same time with “Pro” level bulk issuing. Distribute badges to up to 250 recipients with one click. (Check out other plans for higher or unlimited bulk issuing.)
  • Custom Claim Codes
    Custom Claim Codes for Badge IssuingCreate vanity or custom codes – of as few as 3 digits or letters – for claiming badges or credentials. Claim Codes allow eligible recipients to request, submit evidence for, and take ownership of earned credentials. Custom Claim Codes are especially useful for in-person activities; organizational branding and sponsorship opportunities; issuing badges via social media, and for other settings where you do not have earner’s email address or other contact information. Learn more about the popular Badge Claim feature.
  • Verified Issuer Status
    Credly Verified IssuerDigital credentials have greater value when the identity of the issuer is verified and the source of the achievement can be trusted. The official "Verified Issuer" seal – earned by Credly Pro members through a simple but secure identity application process – ensures the authenticity of credentials issued. Verified Pro members are noted with an official Verified status indicator and are authorized to use the Verified Issuer seal on their own web sites, platforms and outreach.

     Learn about Credly Premier and Enterprise plans.