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Create Complete Digital Badge Systems on WordPress

BadgeOS by CredlyBadgeOS™ is a powerful free plugin to WordPress that lets you easily create achievements and issue sharable badges as your users succeed. Create a complete badge system with a full range of assessment options with the popular BadgeOS achievement and engagement platform. All created and earned badges sync with Credly.

BadgeOS in Action: Badges for the YMCAEach BadgeOS site can be customized to your goals, community, visual identity, and the right mix of social and self-directed activity. You define the achievement requirements and choose the assessment options. As members progress, they earn digital badges they can share anywhere.

BadgeOS is extremely powerful and infinitely extensible. It currently powers digital credentialing and badge-related programs on over 7,500 sites and organizations, including groups like the Dallas Museum of Art, the YMCA of Greater NY, the NYC Department of Education, the Georgia Department of Education, the University of Wisconsin, Yale, EDUCAUSE, and the American Alliance of Museums.

BadgeOS is free and open source, and there's a growing library of powerful BadgeOS add-ons to customize your user experience and options to the needs of any project or program. complete developer documentation and APIs for those who wish to extend it.

Learn more and download BadgeOS now.