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Haiku Learning Integration

Digital Badges for Classroom and Online Instruction

Haiku Learning Badge IntegrationJoin thousands of educators who are recognizing achievements over one million students by creating, issuing and displaying digital badges using Credly from within the Haiku Learning system.

The latest Haiku Learning system empowers educators with a whole new way to recognize student achievement. Users can create custom badges and award them to students who demonstrate new skills, achieve goals, meet or exceed core standards, or make valued class contributions.

Manage Badges in Haiku LearningHaiku Learning’s badge tools are seamlessly integrated with the Credly digital open badge platform. Users of Haiku Learning can use Credly to showcase, curate and manage all the credit they receive, giving others a place to review their growing set of credentials. Badges representing accomplishments earned inside Haiku Learning can be combined with evidence verified in other settings to help tell a complete story of a learner’s achievements.

Learners can use Credly to share achievements out to places it matters most, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or their own blog or website.

Once a school or a teacher links Haiku Learning with Credly, all badges created within Haiku Learning are automatically synced to Credly, and any badges awarded by a teacher in Haiku Learning will also be awarded within Credly. This makes it easy for students to publish and display their badges to broader audiences, and to maintain their portfolio of badges long after they’ve graduated from their current school.

Credly Badges in Haiku Learning“We’re thrilled to offer seamless, easy integration with the widely beloved Credly digital badge platform,” said Bryan Falcón, founder & CEO of Haiku Learning. “Badging and standards-based grading are part of our ongoing efforts to make Haiku Learning the best learning management system for getting teachers, students, and parents the rich feedback they need to succeed.”

“Credly is focused on making achievements more visible, helping unlock opportunities and inspire new pathways for learners,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, Credly founder & CEO. “The Haiku Learning badge release and integration represents an incredibly powerful and thoughtful approach to surfacing student achievement, implemented by a team that understands the needs of learners and educators.”

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