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Recognize and Honor Leaders, Influencers, and Top Performers


Leaderboarded is a universal scorekeeping service based on a lightweight gamification framework. Leaderboarded has integrated with Credly to enable organizations to recognize employees, event participants, brand ambassadors and industry peers with official digital awards when specified performance metrics are met or exceeded.

Using Leaderboarded, event organizers, industry associations, employers, and other groups select one or more sources of social and business data to automatically generate consolidated single scores and publish rankings in competitive and collaborative formats. Participating individuals compare their performance to that of their peers or themselves on their way to meeting goals.

Leaderboard with a Digital BadgeWith the Credly integration, leaderboard managers issue digital badges or credentials to those who achieve the highest rank or reach a top tier score range, such as being in the “Top 10” among all those who performance is being tracked. Recipients showcase the official record of their accomplishment by sharing their digital badges on social and professional networks including Facebook, Twitter, their LinkedIn profile, or personal site, portfolio or blog.

Leaderboarded rankings are generated from a wide range of data sources, including Klout, LinkedIn, Google Spreadsheets, Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Slideshare, and many other web services and APIs.

Leaderboarded Dashboard: Assign a badge to top performersA link to the leaderboard as it existed on the day the badge was awarded is included as historical evidence supporting each digital credential, and is maintained with the digital badge on Credly, lending important insight into the effort required to earn each achievement.

All Leaderboarded users and Credly members have immediate access to the integration through their Leaderboarded dashboard.

Read the official press release about the partnership between Leaderbaorded and Credly.

Integration Highlights:

  • • Link leaderboards to Credly badges
  • • Set eligibility requirements to earn badge (i.e. score or rank)
  • • Issue badges via unique claim codes
  • • Award badges via Twitter for Twitter ranked-earners
  • • View earned Credly badges on Leaderboard player profiles