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LearnDash for BadgeOS

Digital Credentials for Courses, Lessons and Tests

BadgeOS by CredlyThe LearnDash add-on to BadgeOS™ allows learners to earn achievements and badges from virtually every course, lesson and quiz activity available in the LearnDash learning management system. All created and earned badges sync with Credly.

BadgeOS turns your WordPress site into an achievement and badging system. And with LearnDash enabled on your site, badges are not only awarded by activities such as making submissions, earning points, completing required achievements, and making site and community contributions, but also by completing LearnDash courses, lessons, courses and quizzes. Define the achievements, organize the badge requirements any way you like, and choose from and combine a range of BadgeOS and LearnDash activity options to determine whether each task or requirement has been achieved.

Earned badges are Open Badge compatible and sharable via Credly through out-of-the-box integration of the Open Credit API.

Learn more about LearnDash, the LearnDash Open Credit integration, and download the free LearnDash add-on to BadgeOS.