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Credly Login for WordPress

Seamlessly Login to WordPress with a Credly Account

The free "Credly Login" plugin lets your WordPress users log in with their Credly account, without the need to create a new username for your WordPress site. Use as a standalone plugin, or as a great companion to BadgeOS.

Sign to WordPress with your Credly AccountInstall the “Credly Login for WordPress” plugin, and it will create an option on the standard WordPress log in page to sign in using Credly credentials. When logging in with Credly Login, a new WordPress user account will automatically be generated and associated with the user's Credly account for future logins.

The plugin also comes with a sidebar widget that allows users to login on the front-end of your site with either their WordPress or Credly credentials.

If a user already has a WordPress account on your site, the Credly Login plugin will look for a WordPress user that has the same email address associated with their Credly account. If one is found, the Credly account will then be used to log in with that existing user account.

Learn more and download Credly Login for WordPress now. Also check out the "Credly Pro Assertion" plugin and BadgeOS for WordPress.

Credly Login to WordPress