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Award and Display Badges in Drupal

New Drupal Module Enables Issue and Display of Achievements on User Profiles

The development of Q?rius, a new web site and an exhibit space for the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, sparked the idea for the Credly module for Drupal.

The experience, designed and developed by C&G Partners, Major Robot, and Potion Design, challenges visitors to complete various science-related, educational activities to earn digital badges built on the Credly platform. Major Robot's successful connection of Drupal to Credly's Open Credit API inspired the team to continue work on a module that we're pleased to announce has now been vetted and approved by the wider Drupal community.

1402895721.b8582c2098f6aa527c43d023aa723e28.png Q?rius, a new web site and an exhibit space for the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, was the genesis of the Credly module for Drupal.

The Credly module for Drupal lets you issue Credly badges to users on your Drupal site, and display issued badges on Drupal user profiles.


Major Robot Interactive's expertise and creativity brought the Smithsonian project to life, and they have done a great service by releasing the Drupal module for Credly for use by the community at large.

"Working with a smart, robust API like Credly's is a breath of fresh air," said Jonathan Bourland, Founder and Senior Developer at Major Robot. "It has been a pleasure to develop with it, and we look forward to others benefitting from this collaboration, as well."

The approved Drupal module can be downloaded at:

1402895283.dc99a54aa28d3234cd5c1abccfadff26.pngAwarding badges using the Drupal module.

1402895283.1fc63eebf090537227c57a2f6c8af33c.pngBadges displayed on a Drupal user’s profile.

1402895283.3fa1520fab1f1d275d337df2cf3c0f50.pngDrupal module Credly integration settings.

About Major Robot:

Major Robot Interactive is a team of innovative designers and developers based in the creative hotbed of Red Hook, Brooklyn. We specialize in building and developing content management systems, exhibit interfaces for museums, and other online interactive experiences. Major Robot’s collaborations with Moey Inc. have been seen in The Children’s Museum of Houston and The New York Historical Society, as well as the New York headquarters of American Express and Google, Inc. We have built solutions for the National Museum of Natural History (with C&G Partners), The Maritime Aquarium (with RBH Media), and for the New York based non-profits Building Markets, Re:Gender, and Hand/Eye Magazine.

Posted on Jul 01, 2014