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Credly and Eventbrite Team Up to Help Event Organizers Easily Certify and Celebrate Attendee Participation

Bringing people together for live events is one of the most powerful ways to share skills and knowledge, to help new ideas take flight, to communicate efficiently and intimately, and to build stronger relationships and communities.


And you can learn a lot about people based on the events and gatherings they attend. Event participation helps tell a story about the choices people make about how they spend their time and resources, the skills they have or are called upon to share with others, and about the communities they value.

Thousands of organizations use Credly today to verify and commemorate participation in live gatherings of all kinds -- from conferences, meetings, and seminars, to fundraisers, races, hackathons and tournaments. Event organizers certify attendance without the cost, time and resources needed to generate paper certificates, while enabling participants to promote their involvement on social and professional networks with official, personalized digital badges that memorialize their commitment, skills, contributions.

Today we’re very excited to announce a partnership with Eventbrite, the largest marketplace for live experiences, to help make it easier than ever for event organizers to recognize and verify participation and achievement at events worldwide.

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The new Credly and Eventbrite integration allows event organizers using Eventbrite to issue digital badges at different stages of an event’s lifecycle. If increasing event registration is the key objective, organizers can choose to automatically issue badges as people register. When verifying attendance is critical, they can set badges to be issued as attendees check in or at the conclusion of the event. In addition, Eventbrite registration lists may be synced with Credly contact lists, allowing organizers to issue additional badges before, during or after an event.

Eventbrite believes that “gathering with others is the best way for people to learn, grow, get inspired, feel connected, get healthy, give back, and celebrate.” Credly — which was itself founded by a team with well-established experience in bringing people together for memorable live events and experiences — feels a close connection to the Eventbrite ethos.

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Dylan Serota, the Platform Manager at Eventbrite, conveyed this thought very nicely: “Whether it’s finishing that 10K race, or completing a cooking class, people love to discuss their offline achievements online. How people spend their often very limited free time is a reflection of their true passions. By partnering with Credly, Eventbrite adds another layer to our social media sharing, helping people broadcast their achievements and allowing event organizers to recognize attendee involvement.”

Feature highlights:

  • Digital badges are personalized and officially verified by the event organizer
  • Organizers can track and analyze where people share Eventbrite-issued badges through detailed Credly Reports
  • Badges shared on social media and professional networks can redirect to the organizer’s website, helping attract new participants while putting the credibility of their brand behind each badge
  • When used in connection with Eventbrite’s Entry Manager app, attendees can earn digital badges the moment their tickets are accepted at the door
  • Credly badges are compatible with the “Open Badges” standard

Video of the app in action:

For more information visit the Credly Partner page at:

See the official press release about the partnership:

See the Eventbrite Blog about the partnership:

The Eventbrite integration is available as a new benefit to Credly Pro members, who may login today, link their Eventbrite account, and begin to issue official event badges.

Posted on Jun 18, 2014