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MailChimp and Credly: Send Better Badges

Use MailChimp email templates and lists to recognize achievement with official digital badges


Issuing a digital badge is one of the most powerful and visible ways to honor the skills, knowledge and actions that you value, and to illuminate new opportunities that an achievement unlocks.

Furthermore, when you certify achievements using Credly, you're validating a person's effort with an endorsement or acknowledgment that is backed up by the credibility, brand and reputation of your organization.

That's why we're excited to announce that Credly issuers can now unleash the power of MailChimp, the leading email marketing platform, when issuing badges and communicating with recipients. Use the new integration, which is now available in the MailChimp Integrations directory, to:

  • Send new badge notifications using your MailChimp email templates
  • Easily bulk issue badges to members of any MailChimp list
  • Schedule badge issuing communications
  • Track your badge campaign through MailChimp and Credly Reports

Use Beautiful MailChimp Email Templates:

The new integration with MailChimp lets you easily insert official digital badges -- as well as calls to action to accept and share the credentials you issue -- directly into your beautiful, customized email templates.


When you issue badges using "Credly for MailChimp", you control the entire message around the earning experience. Use MailChimp templates to express appreciation, offer awards or new benefits to earners, or provide links to new opportunities or programs. Awarding a badge is like a graduation ceremony; when people receive your email, they should feel great, accomplished and ready for what's next. Using Credly for MailChimp helps maximize excitement and audience engagement.

Thousands of organizations use Credly today to recognize achievement and provide those they serve with professional and social capital that leads to more and better opportunities. Here's how one group doing amazing work in this arena is making great use of the new integration:


Use MailChimp Lists:

But wait, there's more! The new integration let's easily bulk issue badges to members of any of your MailChimp lists. Use an existing list or upload a new one and then issue any of your Credly-created badges using your desired MailChimp template. Select all List members or just select certain recipients.

Schedule Campaigns:

As with other email marketing campaigns, sometimes you want to set the timing for the outreach for the optimal moment. Perhaps a badge should be delivered just as people are completing a seminar, arriving at en event, or returning home after a conference? Maybe you have found that the best time to reach your audience is on Thursday mornings? No problem. Schedule the issuing of your digital badges and credentials for the time that works best.

Track Recipient Engagement:

When you send digital badges using "Credly for MailChimp", you have access to best-of-breed analytics from the leading digital credential management and email marketing platforms. Track data like open rates, engagement, and clicks for each digital badge campaign in the MailChimp Dashboard, and access data like badge display, impressions, and shares on social and professional networks with Credly's industry-leading Reports.


MailChimp and Credly Reports provide valuable and actionable insights into how recipients engage with issued badges and credentials

How it Works:

Using "Credly for MailChimp" lives up to the ease of use you have come to expect from both platforms. Here how it works:

  1. Link your MailChimp and Credly accounts.
  2. "Credly-enable" one or more of your MailChimp templates using our simple WYSIWYG editor to insert placeholders for your badge image, save and share button or link.
  3. Select recipients from MailChimp Lists or Credly Lists, or add new individuals in real time. Select a Credly badge to issue, the MailChimp template you'd like to use to communicate with recipients, and choose a delivery option for now or a future time. You can even include optional evidence or a testimonial to accompany your badge. Hit send!


That's it! Track your campaigns using Credly and MailChimp reports.

Credly for MailChimp is available now as a benefit to all Credly Pro members.

Example Uses:

There are many ways to use Credly for MailChimp. Here are just a few:

  • Put your brand front and center and add context to your badge notification emails
  • Issue official, sharable Credly badges to acknowledge new members of your community
  • Reward loyal customers with limited edition badges
  • Take advantage of endless badge-issuing possibilities through MailChimps hundreds of other available integrations with leading platforms and services (i.e. import contacts from other tools to your MailChimp lists and then issue badges with Credly for MailChimp)
  • Magnify the impact of campaigns as recipients proudly share badges on social networks
  • And so much more ...

Not yet a Pro Issuer? Upgrade today to take advantage of Custom Email Headers and enjoy many other benefits.

See the official press release:

Posted on Sep 09, 2014