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Enhancements: Tags, Available Badges, and More

We're excited let you know about some nifty updates to Credly that have recently rolled out. We’ve highlighted some of the enhancements below.

  • Tags: You can now include additional data, such as keywords, skills or topics, as “Tags” at the time you issue your badges. Choose from our library of tags or add your own. We’ve automatically tagged your previously issued badges based on any issuer Categories you may have used. View issued badges by Tags in your Credly account or on your public profile.


  • Available Badges: For Enterprise issuers, all of your organization’s available badges are now visible on the main Enterprise profile page. This provides a view of your full constellation of badges, viewable by Category.


  • Earned Badges: We’ve even added a check mark to Enterprise sites showing logged-in users which of your available credentials they have already earned, encouraging them to take action to complete the requirements for your other offerings.
  • Issuer Categories: We’ve improved Issuer Categories so that you can now add your own custom Categories when creating or editing badges, in addition to selecting from our comprehensive list of skills and competencies. We also now show badges by Category on your public profile and on Enterprise profiles, so you can communicate your full catalog of available opportunities.


  • Our Credit: The “Our Credit” area of your account has been streamlined to show your own Created badges together with those you have been Authorized to issue, and to allow viewing by Categories and Tags. (And we’ll soon be releasing support for Tags in your Reports, too.)
  • LTI / Badges Earned and Available: With a major update to our “LTI” (learning tools interoperability) support, users of Credly Enterprise logged into LTI-compatible learning management systems can now see and manage all of their earned badges, view available badges, and claim new badges without ever leaving the LMS or needing to sign in to Credly.
  • Open Credit API: As always, we’ve updated the Open Credit API to offer support for all the latest enhancements to developers who integrate Credly in their applications.

These updates were developed from ideas shared by members of the Credly community. Please keep the feedback coming! Together, we’re putting verified skills and achievements to work for everyone.

Posted on Jan 19, 2016