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Built An e-NABLE "Grab-Tor"

Built An e-NABLE "Grab-Tor"

This badge is awarded to those that have created the "Grab-Tor" e-NABLE STEM based learning device by themselves or in a group setting.

The Grab-Tor files can be found HERE

To read more about the Grab-Tor educational tool and "Raptor Hacking" exercise - please visit the blog post HERE on!



Must provide at lease one:

1. Photo or a link to a photo of your completed Grab-Tor device.

2. Link to a "Raptor Hacking" event where you participated in creating a Grab-Tor device individually or as a group project.

3. Link to your hacked "Grab-Tor" device 3D printable files to share with others if you altered the Grab-Tor with claws or other fun designs!

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Built An e-NABLE "Grab-Tor"

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