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Learner-Centered Pedagogy (Do)

Learner-Centered Pedagogy (Do)

Learner-Centered Pedagogy encompasses broad methods of teaching that shift the focus of instruction from the teacher to the learner.  Learner-centered practice acknowledges the learner voice, experience, and skills to reconstruct meaning from new information based on prior experience. This badge acknowledges participation in a faculty learning community focused on understanding learner-center philosophies and strategies that can be helpful in creating a student-focused learning environment.


Recipient has applied the knowledge gained on Learner-Centered Pedagogy to change some aspect of her/his teaching (inside or outside the classroom). The individual has produced an extensive written reflection and shared artifacts demonstrating the change in practice (i.e. a revised assignment, new grading rubric, enhancement to a course Canvas shell, etc.)

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Learner-Centered Pedagogy (Do)

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