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Supporting Struggling Students (Share)

Supporting Struggling Students (Share)

Supporting Struggling Students offers faculty the opportunity to respond to the question, “What do you do if you are concerned about a student?” This badge acknowledges focused training and development on student concerns, how to respond to these issues, resources in place, and proper involvement with students to ensure they have the necessary support to succeed.


Recipient has learned about and implemented Supporting Struggling Students practices to the extent that she/he can influence the learning of others inside or outside the Park University community. He/she has shared their expertise on the topic of Supporting Struggling Students in one or more Park-sponsored or FCI-sponsored (such as presenting an FCI Innovation Exchange, creating an FCI “Two-Minute Mentor,” presenting at a Department, School, or College meeting, facilitating a session at the Annual Assessment Institute or a similar University-wide event).

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Supporting Struggling Students (Share)

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