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Arduino Level 2

Arduino Level 2

This badge is for the next level of Arduino explorer. In order to become an independent Arduino programmer, going through the steps of an original project will help the beginner programmer feel more confident in their skills. The earner of this badge will complete a project like this one. Go to or Adafruit for ideas. One caveat is that you have to add your own spin to it. Don't just copy it, but add your own flair. Also- don't bit off more than you can chew. Keep it simple.


Must show video of a working demo project. This should be posted to your blog. Please keep these 4 criteria in mind:
  • Originality. Did you add your own stamp on this? 
  • Efficiency  - are there lots of wires and junk hanging around, or have you attempted to make this streamlined? 
  • Solves a problem: what problem does this project solve? 
  • Audience- who is the audience for this? Does it have one? It better. 

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Arduino Level 2

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