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Minecraft Level 3

Minecraft Level 3

The earner of this badge must have an advanced understanding of making a server, how to configure and use other plugins, and, optionally, can use a hosting service with Multicraft and File Transfer Protocol. They must also understand basic Bukkit or CraftBukkit plugin development OR mod development with Java. There must be a unique, unexplored idea behind what you have created.


Final project will be a website link posted to your blog with product description, demo video or images, brand and logo, as well as real purchase options. Use these 4 criteria:
  • Originality. Did you add your own stamp on this? Is your brand visible and original?
  • Efficiency  - are there lots of wires and junk hanging around, or have you attempted to make this streamlined? 
  • Solves a problem: what problem does this project solve? 
  • Audience- who is the audience for this? Does it have one? It better. 

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Minecraft Level 3

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