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e-NABLE Makerspaces And Fablabs

e-NABLE Makerspaces And Fablabs

This badge is awarded to any makerspace, fablab, community center or local businesses that open their doors and offer access to their 3D printers to anyone in need of an e-NABLE Community designed 3D printed hand, arm or tool or offers classes to teach families and individuals how to use 3D printing software and printers to create current e-NABLE designs or their own creations!


1. Link to makerspace website + screenshot to show it has been added to the e-NABLE Chapters map so that families, students and recipients can easily find and contact you for help in creating a 3D printed e-NABLE Device.

2. Show your work as e-NABLE Volunteers in images or links.

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e-NABLE Makerspaces And Fablabs

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