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    Remix: Image Editing

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    • Title

      Remix: Image Editing

    • Description
      Badge earners create an event poster incorporating an original photo and several other visual elements. They capture an image of an editing screen to show how the project was assembled and then write a reflection on their successes, challenges, and next steps. The badge is offered in connection with Notre Dame's Remix and ePortfolio initiatives.
    • Criteria
      Demonstrate these competencies – Work with Photoshop or similar software to produce media with a clear message. Use a camera to shoot photos that are not dark or blurry. Edit in multiple layers and combine images together. Separate an object from its background. Add text and shapes. Use transparency, filters, effects, and color adjustments. Find Creative Commons licensed images and credit them appropriately. Produce a JPG with specific dimensions. Upload to Flickr and embed on a web page.
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