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    Here's what Georgia Virtual Learning said:

    Georgia Virtual Learning

    Well done on the Create Skill! Through the completion of the Create Quests and Capstone, you have successfully demonstrated the distinct qualities that enable an educator to effectively evaluate student performance in the online classroom and have earned the distinction of an Exemplary designation!


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      Create Exemplar

    • Description
      Create explores the knowledge and tools necessary for developing authentic educational experiences for all students, and the skill examines methods of organizing content resources and understanding formatting to ensure a more consistent and efficient process. Earning an exemplary designation signifies that the participant’s submissions are thoughtful, organized, and thorough in their overall presentation style, and the Capstone offers reflection on experience.
    • Criteria
      Exemplary submissions demonstrate creativity, reflection, and they are particularly transformative and informative in scope. Reflections include resources that note participant has expanded their learning beyond TOOL’s resources, and the participant has employed additional web 2.0 tools. Verifiers may ask that these submissions be used as exemplars to future participants in the TOOL.
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