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    Distance Teaching & Learning Conference Presenter 2015

    Janetreceived Credit!

    Here's what Division of Continuing Studies said:

    Division of Continuing Studies

    Janet Thompson presented 'Teaching and learning: Using technology and social media for collaborative learning' at the 2015 Distance Teaching & Learning Conference. Thank you, Janet, for sharing your work and innovations with the education community.


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      Distance Teaching & Learning Conference Presenter 2015

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      Recognizes distinguished professionals who presented a session at the Distance Teaching & Learning Conference, hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison from August 11-13, 2015. For more than 30 years this premier conference in distance education has welcomed thousands of distance education and training professionals to share ideas, resources, research, and best practices.
    • Criteria
      Individuals who earned this badge presented at the 2015 Distance Teaching & Learning Conference. Following a call for proposals, the presenter's session was reviewed and selected through a competitive vetting process. Session topics represented a wide range of issues related to teaching and learning at a distance and address audiences including higher education, K-12, military and corporate training.
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