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    Here's what Harvard Graduate School of Education said:

    Harvard Graduate School of Education

    You were an integral member of a team at the 2015 HIVE Harvard HackED Education Hackathon that demonstrated particular strength in the area of impact. Your proposed solution showed particular promise in its potential value, reach, and feasibility.


    Badge Details

    • Title

      Harvard HackED 2015 HIVE Education Hackathon Distinction: Impact

    • Description
      The recipients of this badge prototyped, tested and pitched a solution deemed by Harvard HackED 2015 HIVE Education Hackathon Judges to have most significant potential for impact in the education sector at the global, national, regional and/or local levels. An impactful solution is defined as one which has potential for a broad reach, social or financial value, and feasibility.

      Harvard HackED is organized by HIVE (Harvard GSE Innovation & Ventures in Education).
    • Criteria
      To receive this badge, a team must propose the solution which best fits this criteria:
      • Reach: It is applicable across sectors, disciplines or regional boundaries.
      • Potential Value: It is likely to generate value in terms of social good, intellectual capital and/or financial gain.
      • Feasibility: It takes into account the political, social or economic ramifications of the intended context.
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