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    Jeremiah participated in the "Engage Your Audience with Educanon" workshop on October 6, 2015. In his efforts to implement a flipped model in his classroom in Spring 2016, he created an Educanon bulb about the importance of intellectual property using an existing YouTube video. Students completed this activity as an at-home assignment, which served as a precursor for an in-class discussion and activity. Students have responded very positively thus far. Instead of passively reading or watching a video, students were able to actively engage with their learning at home, which has also helped with retention and engagement during the in-class discussion.


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      Educanon Creator

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      This badge recognizes those who create an Educanon activity and use it with their students or audience.
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      Workshop Objectives: 1) Identify a video resource that can be used in your flipped unit. 2) Build an Educanon "Bulb" (video activity). 3) Preview Bulb.
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