Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Certified Digital Marketing Professional

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Deacon Bradley

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    Certified Digital Marketing Professionals are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses develop and execute a sustainable and comprehensive digital marketing program.
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  • Criteria
    Recipients of the "Certified Digital Marketer Professional” designation must complete eight advanced online courses (totaling 43 modules with 419 video lessons) and pass 34 quizzes, 8 exams and a specialized comprehensive final exam and final project that tests on the full spectrum of full-funnel marketing methods including Conversion Funnels & Customer Value Optimization, Content Marketing, Paid Traffic & Customer Acquisition, Social & Community, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, Analytics & Data, and Optimization & Testing.

    When combined with the education, this final exam and final project ensures the public that the recipient has attained a level of competence appropriate for professional practice.