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    Well done on the successful completion of the TOOL course! As a Verified Participant, you have successfully demonstrated the distinct qualities that align with Effective Online Teaching . Many thanks for the outstanding work on the Skill Quests and Capstones!


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      Verified Effective Online Teaching

    • Description
      The Verified Effective Online Teaching badge is awarded to those Registered Participants who have joined the TOOL community and have paid the TOOL fee. Verified Participants participate actively in discussions with fellow TOOL users and earn badges through the completion of each TOOL skill and capstone. The Verified Effective Online Teaching badge signifies the successful completion of the five skills and the general mastery of practices aligned with effective online teaching.
    • Criteria
      Verified Participants progress through the TOOL Skills, Participate, Navigate, Communicate, Create, and Evaluate, and collaborate actively with fellow participants via the discussion forum and blog posts. Verified Participants create a portfolio showcasing artifacts of their learning, receive feedback from veteran online instructors, complete Capstones for each Skill, and earn the distinction of the Verified Teaching Online Effectively badge.
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