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    Well done on the successful completion of the TOOL course! As a Registered Participant, Quests, you have successfully demonstrated the distinct qualities that align with Effective Online Teaching . Many thanks for the outstanding work!


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    • Title

      Effective Online Teaching

    • Description
      The Effective Online Teaching badge is self-awarded to those Registered Participants who have joined the TOOL digital learning community. As with Observers, Registered Participants do not pay a fee for the TOOL resources. They also have access to all TOOL content. However, Registered Participants may participate actively in discussions and self-award badges to demonstrate their understanding and general mastery of the TOOL Skills.
    • Criteria
      Registered Participants progress through the five TOOL Skills, Participate, Navigate, Communicate, Create, and Evaluate, and self-award badges based on their successful completion of the individual quests. The interaction with fellow participants in the discussion forum, completion of quests, and creation of a series of blog posts which highlight the material covered and serve as a portfolio for the TOOL experience.
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