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      BlendKit2017: Design – Blog Post

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      This badge recognizes faculty preparation for effective blended course design, development, and teaching through successful completion of the BlendKit2017 online course. The goal of the BlendKit Course is to provide assistance via a consideration of key issues related to blended learning and practical step-by-step guidance in producing actual materials for a blended course, i.e., from design documents through creating content pages to peer review feedback at your own institution.

    • Criteria

      The objectives for Week 1 of BlendKit2017 are to: identify the general benefits of blended learning; recognize a range of implementation options possible in developing blended learning courses; and articulate design plans for “blending” one of the courses you teach. Blogging provides an opportunity to make thoughts evident in a public venue and to connect with others. Participants earned this badge by submitting a relevant blog post about blended learning during Week 1.

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