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    Here's what Leeward CC said:

    Leeward CC

    Cameron participated and completed the Blackboard Collaborate Moderator Challenge two-part workshop series on March 2 and 6, 2017.


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      Blackboard Collaborate Moderator Finisher

    • Description
      This badge recognizes those who successfully completed the Blackboard Collaborate Moderator two-part workshop. Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing is a live, web conferencing platform that allows you to facilitate interactive instruction and host meetings allowing you and your students to learn together and work collaboratively in a synchronous (live) online environment. Features include: two-way audio, multi-point video, interactive whiteboard, application and desktop sharing, breakout groups, session recording, and more.
    • Criteria
      Create and facilitate a 5-10-minute interactive session with an audience using Blackboard Collaborate as described here:
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