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      This badge is awarded to e-NABLE Volunteers who have joined the Google+ Community and who have completed 3D printing and assembling their e-NABLE Test hand device and have had it approved and critiqued by another e-NABLE Volunteer for quality assurance and to correct any issues that may be present, before creating a device for an end user and recipient.


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      1. Please provide proof of one of the below options:

      Your letter of confirmation from ECF
      An approval from e-NABLE outreach
      Or a link to your approval thread on the e-NABLE Forums HERE.

      2. Link to your individual Google+ e-NABLE introduction post or your e-NABLE Chapter facebook page.

      3. Provide your email address so that you can be contacted when our e-NABLE Community registry opens up and you can add yourself as a "builder" and "Maker, be considered for filament reimbursement awards and participate in impat testing!

      4. Share which 3D printer and which material you used as well as which design you printed.

      5. List your city, state/province/area + country location

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