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    Facebook Ads Account Manager Certification

    Deaconreceived Credit!

    Here's what Keith said:

    Keith Krance

    You passed both the Knowledge Exam and Practical Exam with flying colors... I’m excited to say that you’re demonstrating Private Pilot License Level Proficiency and Beyond on the Facebook Account Manager Rubric… which means you now belong to an elite group of Facebook Account Managers.


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      Facebook Ads Account Manager Certification

    • Description
      DWM Certified Facebook Account Managers are highly trained and skilled professionals who are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses with their Facebook Advertising. In short, DWM Certified Facebook Account Managers come with our highest recommendation for designing, executing and scaling your business through Facebook Advertising.
    • Criteria
      DWM Certified Facebook Account Managers have demonstrated both Practical & Knowledge Excellence in Facebook Advertising.  They've attended a 5-Day In-Person Intensive Training as well as an online training containing 13 online lessons & over 40 sub-lessons. The awarding of this certification demonstrates superior skill of both Facebook Advertising and DWM's proprietary strategies, tactics & methodologies. The final Knowledge & Practical Exams ensures the public the recipient has attained a high-level of competency in Facebook Advertising...
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