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      European FERMA RIMAP risk management Certification

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      Developed by the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) and its 22 national associations, the European Risk Management Certification provides independent confirmation of the professional competences, experience and standards of individual Risk Managers.

      The FERMA RIMAP Certification is a structured programme that gives a clear identity to the profession, making sure boards, top management, human resources and the academic world appreciate the value of risk management.

      More information HERE 

    • Criteria

      The FERMA Certification examination is a 2 hour online exam with 100 questions based on the rimap Body of Knowledge. More info here…


      Risk and Insurance Managers and other risk professionals with suitable education and experience are eligible for FERMA Certification.

      In order for your application to be accepted, you need to have a minimum education level combined with a corresponding number of years of experience in Risk Management. More info here…


      Once the application is approved by the FERMA Secretariat, the candidate should enroll online with Certification partner ANZIIF. More info here…

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