Distinguished Digital Advertising Agency

Distinguished Digital Advertising Agency

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Clark Cooper

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Jason Hornung

Congratulations on achieving the Distinguished Digital Advertising Agency designation. Recipients of the Distinguished Digital Advertising Agency" designation stand out as the elite group of digital advertising agency owners who have the knowledge and skill to prevail in bsiness and in life. Now go and take all of this valuable information you learned to build a profitable digital advertising agency by creating value in the marketplace - for your clients, for your team, for your family, and ultimately for yourself. - Jason and Heather Hornung, JH Media

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    Jason Hornung

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    As a Digital Advertising Agency owner, you have the unique opportunity to have an influence on your world through the messaging you put out into the marketplace and the leadership you provide to those around you. We do not take that responsibility lightly, and we know you don’t either, which is why you have the desire to operate out of the best place to create an amazing community and results.
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    In order to earn the designation of "Distinguished Digital Advertising Agency" you must complete the 11 advanced lessons along with their quizzes and a final exam to ensure that you have a good understanding of the information presented in the training and that you are ready to put yourself out there as a leader in this industry who understands what it takes to create and run a successful digital advertising agency.