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    Data Analytics (Proficient)

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      Data Analytics (Proficient)

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      At the Proficient level of Data Analytics you are responsible for synthesising and translating business strategies, challenges or complex activities into multiple analytic programs. To effectively execute complex business challenges or projects you will identify and coordinate the relevant and required resources across teams or functions. You provide guidance in the design and deployment of advanced analytic techniques and technologies to deliver insights. Within your role you coordinate, research, synthesise and analyse multiple sources of data into strategic intelligence and actionable recommendations. You create and act as a custodian of business unit data, processes, methods and governance. 
    • Criteria

      Synthesise and translate business strategies and challenges into multiple analytic programs; 

      Coordinate, research and synthesise analysis from multiple sources into strategic intelligence and actionable recommendations; 

      Identify and coordinate relevant resources required to execute complex business challenges and projects. 

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