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    Coursera Mentor - 1 Month

    Romanreceived Credit!

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    Thanks for all your help as a Mentor for


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      Coursera Mentor - 1 Month

    • Description
      Course Mentors support learners by responding to questions and actively promoting healthy discussions in the course forums.

      Mentors are selected for a course based on achieving a grade of 85% or above and posting actively in the forums. Learners who are selected have to pass the Coursera Mentor Training Course before they can become a Mentor.

      This role typically takes about 3 hours per week.
    • Criteria
      • Active Mentor for at least 1 month
      Thank you for serving for 1 month! We look forward to continue working with you as a Mentor. If you have any questions, please circle back to the Mentor portal or email
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