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    Level 2: Gamification Journeyman Certification

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      Level 2: Gamification Journeyman Certification

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      An individual who has received Level 2: Gamification Journeyman Certification has received intermediate training on how to integrate gamification methodologies for the improvement of learning and development. They create player profiles and plan player-centric learning and development. They understand motivation in a gamified environment, created scenarios for a variety of players, and created a richer, in-depth experience for the player.

      A Gamification Journeyman typically has the necessary knowledge of how to plan successful instructional design projects with gamification, but may have not yet led projects on their own.

      The Sententia Gamification Certification is the premier standard for recognition as a gamification specialist for Talent Development and HR Professionals. Holding a Certified Gamification Professional credential demonstrates achievement, competence, credibility, and mastery to your employers, clients, colleagues, and professional peers.

      The Sententia accreditation process assures that students and craft professionals receive quality training based on uniform standards and criteria. This process fosters international unity among the gamification industry while providing a defined aptitude path with industry-recognized credentials.

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    • Criteria

      Level 2: Gamification Journeyman Certification builds on the Sententia Gamification Design Framework. Participants explore AND apply game mechanics linked to core human desires. Using a proven reverse-engineering process, participants assess best practices and demonstrate applied competence in the application of gamification strategy design to a learning program.

      • ONBOARDING: Identify the course objectives and outcomes and review the structure of the blended virtual format
      • IDENTIFY THE WHY: Examine business objectives and investigate game design theory
      • PROTOTYPE Learners: Profile learners, detail their role, and experience motivational interviews
      • DETERMINE DESIRED BEHAVIORS: Define the tangible behaviors needed to meet business objectives, establish what players need to do to achieve a measurable metric, track and measure ROI and ROE
      • ENGAGE WITH GAME MECHANICS AND DYNAMICS: Engage with the psychology of fun and explore the use of game mechanics and their application in gamification design
      • MAP THE PLAYER JOURNEY: Create the player journey to achieve business objectives, target clear goals and progress, determine how and where to give feedback, weigh the perceived challenge against the perceived level of skill needed, and begin a rapid prototype
      • UNDERSTANDING UX/UI: Research different technologies for player journeys, review and refine prototype, iterate the storyline, test the user interface and user experience, and finalize the project plan
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