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      FACES Qualified 21 Hour Course

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      Great facial injectors are only created through theory and practice.  This 21 hour course strikes the perfect balance between both and provides more hands-on training than any other course.  With more than 50% of the 21 hour course dedicated to live patient training, FACES courses provide a solid foundation for development of a confident and quality driven practitioner.  In addition to the rich hands-on live-patient experience FACES practitioners take part in a cadaver review session - further enhancing their 3-dimensional appreciation of the facial envelope.  NO OTHER COURSES include a cadaver workshop.  This 21 hour Georgia State Board Approved Course is Academically Rigorous, Anatomically Based and Scientifically Driven.™
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      To earn this credential a practitioner must be licensed to practice in their state or local province.  Their license must be in good standing.  The practioner must complete at least 21 hours of FACES instruction which includes a review of pertinent anatomy, physiology and a neurobiology.  The recipient must take part in the cadaver review workshop, demonstrate proficiency in diagnosis and treatment planning for facial applications of neurotoxins and soft tissue fillers, complete the written self-assessment test and finally, engage in the hands-on live-patient training session.
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