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      Teaching Artist Program Development

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      The earner participated in a two-day workshop at the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, that focused on understanding arts integration, domains of youth development, behavior management, academic and fine arts standards, outcomes and indicators, and learning strategies and activities. The earner developed a program plan to apply these concepts in his/her work with students, earning a score of 75% or greater related to specific scoring criteria.
    • Criteria
      Participants will: 1) Demonstrate evidence of arts integration; 2) Construct a program that addresses the four domains of youth development; 3) Align academic and fine arts standards; 4) Create a meaningful outcome and associated indicators; 5) Explain ways to assess participant performance; 6) Create a complete and effective learning plan; 7) Develop strategies and activities that support program outcomes and indicators; and 8) Identify appropriate positive reinforcement techniques.
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