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    • Title

      GVSU Graduate Cybersecurity

    • Description
      Successful completion of...
      • CIS 615 Information Security Principles
      and two of:
      • CIS 616 Data Security and Privacy
      • CIS 617 Digital Forensics and Investigations
      • CIS 618 Secure Software Engineering
      Part of the Master's of Science in Computer Information Systems program at Grand Valley State University (GVSU).
    • Criteria
      Students will have engaged in activities such as:
      • Analyzing risk, using a variety of risk evaluation techniques.
      • Discussing legal and ethical issues related to information security.
      • Applying tools such as ACLs, firewall and VPN to secure a network.
      • Applying principles of ethical hacking to harden an Operating System.
      • Developing a framework for computer network forensics analysis.
      • Applying tools & techniques to cyber forensic investigations & examinations
      • Describing software vulnerabilities such as buffer overflow, format string vulnerability, race condition vulnerability, SQL injection vulnerability, cross-site scripting vulnerability and defense mechanisms.
      • Designing shellcode to test the presence of vulnerabilities and build countermeasures.
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