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    Erika attended and completed the Syllabus Makeover Challenge workshop as a part of TEP on August 15, 2018. She created a visual syllabus for her ART 112 course that contains linked modules, rubric, resources, student imagery, instructor's profile picture, and schedule. For her syllabus activity she divided students into groups of four and compete as groups as to who could come up with as many relevant questions about the syllabus and provide input on how class should be run. She expressed that students seemed really engaged and interacted much more together as a result of the activity.


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      Visual Syllabus Creator

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      This badge recognizes those who participated in the Syllabus Makeover Challenge workshop and created their own visual syllabus and syllabus activity. Workshop site:
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      1) Create a syllabus activity for your class. 2) Access KSCM to download your approved course outline. 3) Use your approved course outline contents and add your additional information to create your visual course syllabus. 4) Make your syllabus available to your students.
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