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    Blended Learning Preparation Program

    Safareceived Credit!

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    • Title

      Blended Learning Preparation Program

    • Description
      Badge holders:
      • Participate in online and face-to-face session activities learning about pedagogy, course design, and technologies
      • Have interdisciplinary conversations about teaching, learning, and technology
      • Explore digital tools that can be integrated in courses to promote student engagement
      • Collaborate together to design blended learning courses that support student engagement
      • Understand the principles of online and blended learning
      • Have the skills to design and facilitate a blended course that fulfills at least two sections the CI QOLT Rubric
    • Criteria
      Badge holders have completed the Blended Learning Preparation Program (BLPP), a faculty development program offerred by Teaching and Learning Innovations at California State University, Channel Islands.
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