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      Certified Professional Installer and Sand & Finisher (CISF)

    • Description
      The earner of this certification has been recognized by the NWFA for possessing industry knowledge and expertise related to the installation and sanding and finishing of wood flooring. Being a Certified Installer and Sand & Finisher with the NWFA means that this individual has committed to mastering the installation and sand and finishing process and will continue to participate in ongoing education to maintain and grow his or her skill set. Many manufacturers recognize these NWFA Certified Professionals and recommend them when using their products.
    • Criteria
      To earn and maintain the NWFACP Certified Installer and Sand & Finisher status, this individual must:
      • Be an NWFA member in good standing;
      • Complete and pass all online courses and assessments associated with both the CI and CSF certification;
      • Participate in continuing education by completing a minimum of 3 CCUs every year.
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