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    You have demonstrated effective facilitation skills on a sustained basis throughout the #BYOD4L open course - leading, guiding, challenging and encouraging participants through a range of online channels. The evidence submitted demonstrates a deep level of reflection in relation to the course activities and in your role as a facilitator. You have clearly learned much but crucially, in your capacity as a course facilitator, you have effectively assisted others to achieve their individual learning goals. Congratulations! You can display this badge as evidence of CPD. Dr David Walker (University of Sussex, External Peer Reviewer).


    Badge Details

    • Title

      BYOD4L: Facilitator

    • Description
      Effective facilitation throughout the BYOD4L MELSIG course.
    • Criteria
      Effective facilitation throughout the BYOD4L MELSIG course. The badge owner has effectively engaged and lead discussions and supported learners and co-facilitators throughout this collaborative open online course.
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