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    Congratulations on successfully completing 'communicating' of the open course #BYOD4L. By actively participating in the related activities you have demonstrated successful engagement with this topic, reflection on your own practice and learning through this process. Very well done! David Hopkins for MELSIG and the BYOD4Learning team Please access the 'how do I display my badge' on the BYOD4Learning course site - - for details on accepting the badge and how you can send it to your Mozilla Backpack. If you don’t have a Mozilla Backpack yet, please consider creating one. Further information can be found here


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    • Title

      BYOD4L: Communicating

    • Description
      Successful completion of activities and engagement with communicating’ and reflection on practice in own professional context.
    • Criteria
      By actively engaging in the topic activity the badge owner has demonstrated successful engagement with the theme and related personal and course-specific outcomes. The badge owner has reflected on their own communication approach (personal and professional), engaged in discussion with peers on the scenarios and linked to their own practice, and explored opportunities to enhance their communication strategy using 'smart' devices.
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