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    • Title

      Web Accessibility for Developers

    • Description
      This four-week intensive professional development course aims to quickly equip web developers with the skills and knowledge needed to create interactive web elements that comply with international accessibility guidelines.
    • Criteria
      The owner of this badge is able to:
      • Identify the differences between static and dynamic WAI-ARIA
      • Test web interactivity with a screen reader to ensure accessibility
      • Describe both graceful degradation and progressive enhancement development methods
      • State when and when not to use WAI-ARIA
      • Explain the limitations of WAI-ARIA
      • Apply WAI-ARIA landmarks and live regions to web content
      • Create accessible progress bars, suggestion boxes, and tooltips with WAI-ARIA
      • Build accessible sliders, accordions, tab panels, and carousels with WAI-ARIA
      • Implement effective design patterns for accessible menu bars, tree menus, and sortable lists with WAI-ARIA
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