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      Wedding & Event Design

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      The Wedding & Event Design credential demonstrates proficiency in the key principles of modern event design, and how to create a design concept that achieves the clients goals, meets their budget, and can be executed in the venue with the time allotted. The recipient of this credential should be able to how to implement a wide range of elements into a design concept, including flowers, furniture, lighting, branded accents, entertainment, technology etc.
    • Criteria
      To earn this credential, recipients must have completed the Event Leadership Institute's Wedding & Event Course, which covers: Creativity & Inspiration - Client Relations - Proposals & Budgeting - Site Visits - Design Techniques - Color Concepts & Psychology - Focal Points - Flowers Trees & Foliage - Centerpieces, Tabletop & Candles - Custom Fabrication - Branded Accents - Furniture Selection - Lighting & Tech Production - Floor Planning - Rigging & Installation - Vendor Relations, and more!
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