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Easy to use, customizable and flexible - Credly is the end-to-end solution for issuing, managing, and tracking digital credentials.

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The Credly Platform

Credly provides the leading Digital Credential platform, offering exceptional power and scalability to global organizations, innovative education and training providers, assessment publishers and professional associations who seek to modernize their credentialing operations and recognition programs.

Today, Credly is the platform of choice for more than 10,000 organizations including the AICPA, Mozilla, IBM and Harvard University.


Build your organization’s digital credentials using our easy-to-use Credential Dashboard or work with our experts to help design a compelling achievement recognition system. Add rich meta data including criteria, evidence, testimonials, expiration and revocation conditions, alignment to industry standards, and much more. Brand your badges and the overall earner experience to match your organization.



Whether your organization is issuing credentials to 200 earners or 2 million, Credly’s bulk issuing and enterprise-class scalability make it easy and reliable. Build on integrations with popular applications like Canvas, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, and Salesforce for automating the issuing of credentials within your existing workflow.


Credly’s unique set of Claim Tools allows you to choose the workflow for credential granting that works best for your organization. Ensure fidelity to your standards by approving claims, providing unique vanity claim codes or requiring earners to submit evidence for validation of their claims. Credly has an approach to distributing credentials that matches every context and environment.



Designate multiple Account Managers to create, issue, approve and administer your organization’s digital credential system. Select users can be granted a reports-only view with access to only their account’s data and analytics. Account Owners can add, revoke or change users’ account management capabilities at anytime.


Credly’s reporting dashboard includes a complete user-level report for each recipient containing badge earning, sharing and display activity. Drill down and learn more about your earners, their achievements and interests, discover your leading influencers and filter, sort, and export all available data. Use the information to inform new programs and target marketing and engagement initiatives more effectively.


Open Credit™: the Credly API

Credly is built from the ground-up around the Open Credit API, a highly modular API built with an emphasis on performance, scalability and security. Integrate digital credential management into your existing internal systems using your own tech team or with Credly’s support. It’s simple and powerful, and over 1000 organizations have active apps built using Open Credit.


“With Credly, we’ve responded to the growing need for educational institutions to make it easy for learners to include verified achievements and digital badges among the evidence they collect and share in their ePortfolios.”

- Jeffrey Yan, co-founder & CEO of Digication

Partner Integrations

Over 1,000 apps, sites and platforms are integrated with Credly’s best-in-class Open Credit™ API, allowing credentials to be earned, recognized and put to use in the environments people use everyday. These include popular professional, social and learning tools, as well as in-house platforms and data systems.


Professional Services

Whether you’re introducing a new credential or refreshing an existing constellation, Credly provides expert perspective and a comprehensive set of strategic services covering everything from program and visual design to stakeholder engagement.

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