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TRIPS Participant


The badge is awarded to students who have successfully completed an alternative break service experience with the TRIPS Program.  We hope you had a chance to engage your values, convictions, and religious beliefs, in addressing the shared needs of our communities. May you continue to choose to deeply consider and regularly choose the common good in all that you do.

In the St. Norbert College Transformative Experiences project, students are encouraged to map out the St. Norbert experience they hoped to have when they chose to attend SNC.  Through the use of digital badges like this one, we hope to note which activities, events, and experiences have meaningfully contributed to that experience during your time here.

These badges are organized around themes related to the College's common learning outcomes and are awarded during phases of a college experience we refer to as "Moving In," "Moving Through," and "Moving On," with focuses on, initially, experiences you might simply participate in that are meaningful, followed by experiences that allow you to build your strengths, skills, and competencies, culminating in a fully well-rounded, liberal arts experience.  Students who successfully complete a number of these badges have an opportunity to wear a special pin at graduation denoting their SNC career.

The TRIPS Participant badge is considered a "Moving In" badge in the category of Personal Character and Virtue.

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