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Build the Skill: Collaboration – University of Arizona


According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers identify the ability to work in a team as the top attribute they look for on a candidate’s resume. Earning a badge in collaboration signifies that, through intentional and additional work, the individual demonstrated the ability to work effectively with multiple individuals from different backgrounds toward a common goal.

Whether holding a positional leadership role or participating in a supporting role within the group, this person understands how to guide the group with a positive attitude and employs critical skills such as active listening and effective communication. By focusing on solutions, setting shared goals, incorporating the diverse perspectives of their colleagues, and working to strengthen interpersonal relationships in the group, they are able to elevate their team and the team’s results. This person is also adept at resolving conflicts with favorable outcomes for all team members and building trust with their colleagues.

Whether working with a small community group or contributing to a large team in a Fortune 500 company, being an effective team member is a critical professional skill. Individuals who earn a badge in collaboration from the University of Arizona have demonstrated that they possess the knowledge and skills to succeed in modern, team-focused environments. 

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