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OLC Instructional Designer Certificate Program


The recipient of this badge has registered for and is verified as having successfully completed the requirements of the OLC Instructional Designer Certificate Program. They have completed all four courses that comprise the program, and have completed activities that demonstrate online instructional design competency. 

They can:

  • Guide new faculty through the online course development process.
  • Integrate multimedia into online course designs.
  • Analyze learning theories to work theory into practice.
  • Provide strategies and resources for staying current with emerging online teaching and learning best practices.
  • Apply the OSCQR rubric and process.

And have observed and experienced how to:

  • Integrate key aspects of the online ID professional foundations into their professional practice.
  • Help faculty with new online course development.
  • Create useful resources for online faculty.
  • Review online courses using the online course quality review rubric and process, OSCQR.

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