Super-charged, for Enterprise

Credly has built the industry’s most scalable and powerful platform to service Enterprise-level issuers globally. Fully-customizable and white-labeled, Credly keeps the focus on your brand and your credentials.


What do you get with Credly’s enterprise solution?

Fully customizable, White-labeled experience

Complete control over branding, communications, vocabulary, shareability, and other configuration settings

Fully customizable

Fully Customizable, White-Labeled Experience

Multi-user Roles and Permissions

Credly’s platform enables large, multi-layered organizations to allow multiple administrator roles with varying degrees of permissions such as the ability to create and manage credentials, issue and retrieve reports or simply view dashboards.

Multi user

Multi-user Roles Based Permissions

Data export on demand

Credly allows issuers to access and export all credential-generated data, when needed, on-screen, in CSV, JSON and other formats.

Export illustration

Data Export On-Demand

Single-sign on

Credly supports a variety of single-sign on options, including LTI, SAML, LinkedIn and Facebook, API-based, OAuth, among others.

single sign on

Single-Sign On

“Open Badge” Plus

With Credly, issuers are fully compliant with the emerging “Open Badge” specifications. The “plus” provides:

  • Extended data fields including testimonials, evidence and endorsements.

  • Complete round-trip support of open badges, meaning Credly-issued digital credentials may be posted to other platforms that are open-badge compliant and credentials issued through compliant non-Credly platforms may be displayed on a Credly profile.

Seamless Integrations with Popular Apps

Credly is integrated into hundreds of applications, sites and apps where Credentials are earned, recognized and put to use, including popular marketplace apps such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, MailChimp, Eventbrite, Canvas, Moodle, Google Analytics, Portfolium and Digication.

credly integrations

Enterprise Class Technology

Credly is built from the ground-up around a highly modular API with an emphasis on performance, scalability and security. Credly’s Credential Cloud architecture and storage ensures the lifelong integrity and interoperability of credential data.

Professional Services Team

Credly’s enterprise clients success with the help is supported by close partnerships with our team of experts who have deep experience in credential program design, strategy, development, implementation, and adoption.


99.99% Service Level Guarantee

Credly guarantees 99.99% uptime. After-hours support is also available, wherever in the world your organization is located.

Want to Learn More?

A Credly representative will gladly walk you through available plans, key features, case studies, best practices on implementation, and more.

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