"Open Credit" The Credly API

The power of unparalleled flexibility

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A Flexible and Adaptable Solution

The secret to the unparalleled flexibility of Credly is “Open Credit” — a robust and highly modular API that keeps data portable, and permits seamless integration of digital credentials into your organization’s ecosystem of websites and apps, empowering delivery on your unique vision.

What is Open Credit?

Designed for performance, portability, scalability, and security, Open Credit is a highly modular API that is RESTful, fault tolerant, speedy, and returns JSON. It provides all the building blocks that allows your technical team to make your imagination a reality, easily and seamlessly bringing the best credential management abilities into your programs.

API Endpoints with Full Spectrum of Credentials Management

With a full suite of User Management API endpoints, you can design Credly to be managed through your own apps or platforms, including user management, credits management, and events management.

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Open Badge Specification Compliant

Open Credit makes Credly the only platform with complete two-way Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) support. Badges issued are infinitely portable across any platforms, for both issuers and earners. 

Robust Support Resources

The Open Credit API is accompanied by a comprehensive and ever-growing library of developer resources for digital badges and credentials. 

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There are now over 700 platforms, apps and websites that have integrated Open Credit to bring the power of credential earning, management and use to their systems.

Get Inspired

Open Credit makes it possible to manage and issue digital credentials and badges from within the third party tools you use every day. Check out some featured apps that incorporate the power of Credly and Open Credit: